Student Work

Senior Projects

Noir: A Selection of Translated Works from Edogawa Rampo
Adviser: Kendall Heitzman
Student: Eileen Chan

A Graphic Novel in Two Languages about the Connection and Cycle of Patterns in Two Lives
Adviser: Li-Hua Ying and Hap Tivey
Student: Nicole France

Amidst Macaques: A Multi-Species Ethnography
Adviser: Yuka Suzuki
Student: Timothy Soyk

Paradise for the Dispossessed: Echoes of Balinese History and Religion in Banana Yoshimoto’s ‘Marika’s Sofa’
Advisers: Kristin Scheible and Kendall Heitzman
Student: Nicholas Ogonek

Hentai: An Examination of Pornographic Manga and Censorship Laws in Japan
Adviser: Ken Haig
Student: Rachel Jackson

Tibetan Lamas in the West: Cultural Crossovers and Controversies
Study tracing the evolution of Buddhist dharma since the 1950s through the examination of four progressive Tibetan lamas.
Adviser: Bradley Clough
Student: Paloma Fataar

Life Is Precious, the Value of Freedom is Higher
Adviser: Li-Hua Ying
Student: Kerry Brogan

Elder Care in Beijing: Community Programs and Changes to the Traditional Chinese
Student: Ling Chen Liu Kelly

One Hundred Poets, One Song: A Translation of the Hyakunin Isshû
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: William Dylan Hunter

Possessed by Jealousy: Women, Spirit Possession, and Power as Seen in the Tale of Genji and Noh Drama
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: Emn Haddad-Friedman

The Legacy of the Heike in Art, Comic Books, and Video
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: Yari Wolinsky

It’s a Big Building: Buddhist Architecture and Imperial Politics in Japan
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: Alexander Bero

Seitô: Translations from a Japanese Women’s Literary and Political Journal
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: Vanessa Baker

Music is Joy: Defining the Concept of Music in Ancient Chinese Thought
Adviser: Lihua Ying
Student: Adria Otte

Discrete Essays on the Films of Hou Hsiao Hsien
Adviser: Jean Ma
Student: Maya Katherine Fineberg

Gaining Citizenship in Modern China: A Dialogue of Migrants with Their State
Adviser: Nara Dillon
Student: Stacey Marie Hunt

“Faith Mind Imprint,” Translation and Explanation
Adviser: Bruce J. Knickerbocker
Student: Annie Shapiro

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army during the Korean War Era, 1949-1953
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Shawn Michael Adams

Water Now Bright Now Dark’: Conceptions of China’s Modernity
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Claire Merschel Schadler

Advertising in China: The Articulation of CCP Ideology through Advertisement, 1978-2002
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Christopher Charles Altman

Language and Power in Meiji Japan
Adviser: Gustav Heldt
Student: Casey Ann Carmody

Fall with the Flowers of Burma
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Allison Elizabeth Funk

Historical and Current Sino-Tibetan Debate and International Political Involvement
Adviser: Bradley Clough
Student: Louise Eleanor Lassen

Spatialization of Class: A Study of Market Reforms in Rural China
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Eli David-Friedman

TV Dharma: The Perception of Self in the Age of Information
Exploration of the effects of media (specifically, television) on the American perception of self, and a comparison of this vision to that of Buddhist philosophy.
Adviser: Bradley Clough
Student: Nicholas George Pattison

Zhang Chengzhi’s Portrait of Resurrection
Analysis of the portraits from within the Yellow Earth Plateau in northwestern China. Why do they rebel? What is their objective? How do they relate to the consciousness of modern China? Adviser: Li-Hua Ying
Student: Timothy Sean Flynn

Chairman Mao’s Good Soldier? The Many Faces of Lei Feng
An analysis of the People’s Liberation Army model soldier Lei Feng and his place among the changes occurring within China over the last 40 years.
Adviser: Robert J. Culp
Student: Kevin Joseph Carrico

Critical Assessment of Sino-U.S. relations as viewed through a framework delineated by the language of the three joint communiqués signed by the two countries in 1971, 1973, and 1982.
Adviser: Thomas McGrath
Student: Nicholas John Krapels

Lost in Translation: Western Romanticism Mirrored through Modern Chinese Poetry
A collection of Chinese poetrytranslated into English, and other poems.
Adviser: Li-Hua Ying
Student: Blanca Lista

Searching for the Self in the African Desert: Translation from the Chinese of San Mao’s Sahara
Adviser: Li-Hua Ying
Student: Nicholas Paul Gagne (May 13, 1978-April 13, 2000)

Translating Traditional Chinese Medicine for American Patients
Advisers: Diana Brown and Li-Hua Ying
Student: Jessica May Curl

Shanghai Then and Now
A comparison between foreign Shanghai circa 1920-1930 and foreing Shanghai today.
Adviser: Robert Culp
Student: Stephanie Tara McKinnon

Conversations between Medicine and Mysticism in Ancient China
Adviser: Robert Culp
Student: Anna Marie Noyes