Cross-Listed Courses in Asian Studies

Division of the Arts

Art History

East Meets West
Arts of China
Arts of India
Arts of Japan
Chinese Landscape Painting
Chinese Religious ArtMusic:
Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
World Music Seminar
Music of China
Chinese Music Ensemble
Popular Musics of the Non-Western World


Asian Theater Lab
Japanese Classical Theater

Division of Languages and Literature


Chinese language courses
Chinese Theater
Chinese Diaspora
Modern Chinese Fiction
Reflections of China in Literature and Film
Lu Xun and Modern Chinese Short Story
Classical Chinese Literature
Exile in Chinese Literature
Representations of Tibet
Chinese Calligraphy
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Confucius and Socrates
India and Greece


Japanese language courses
Readings in Japanese Culture
Modern Japanese Literature
Japanese Translation
Natsume Soseki
Imagining Environment in East Asia
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Indian Fiction


Sanskrit language courses



Division of Social Studies


Culture, Politics, and Representations of South Asia
Cultural Politics of the Raj
South Asia and the Ethnographic Imagination
Japanimation and Culture in Postwar Japan


China in Transition
Economics of Developing Countries

Historical Studies

China in the Eyes of the West
China in Revolution
Crisis and Conflict: Ethnography of China
Gender and Radicalism in Modern China
Introduction to Modern Japanese History
Imperial Chinese History
Making Modern China
Mao’s China and Beyond

Political Studies

International Politics of South Asia
Introduction to Chinese Politics
United States–East Asian Relations
East Asian Politics and Society


Devotion and Poetry in India
Hindu Religious Traditions
History of Early India
Japanese Religions
Myth and the Arts of India
Buddha Imagined: Literary and Artistic Landscape of Buddhism